CRM Help

This is where you can find help for the Get Organised CRM.

How to import:
Assuming you have a list of contacts on an excel spread sheet, csv, tab etc. list you can import them into the GetOrganised Database.
Follow these steps.
1) Click on the Admin tab and then click on the IMPORT/EXPORT button.
2) This will take you to the IMPORT/EXPORT layout.  Click on the IMPORT Button.
3) An “Open File” window will pop up and you can use it to navigate to your data file.
4) Open your file and you will get a window that looks like the one below.
5) Move the fields on the Right side up and down to match the fields on the left.
6) Click on the horizontal line between the two fields so an arrow appears.
7) When all your fields are matched up with an arrow pointing to the right, click on the Import button