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I have developed a simple sales software program that works well for anyone who is in contact the a lot of prospects and customers. It is called a CRM  ( Customer Relationship Management.) Basically it helps keep track of what you have talked about each time you communicate with a contact and reminds you when you need to call them back.


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I have been involved with MLM (Multi Level Marketing) for many years and developed this sales software to help me keep track of 100s of prospects and customers. I noticed that when I organised my call-backs, my income shot up!  This proved to me the vital necessity of having  good contact management software in a small business.  This sales software is ideal for any small office or home business, or for anyone who needs to stay in touch with a lot of contacts.

Free Version
When I was first starting out in business I did not have extra funds to buy software.  It was a problem that held me up for a long time.  That is why I am making this as easy as possible for anyone who is just starting out in business.  You can download the free version and use it as long as you want.  The only limit on the free version is a maximum of 50 contacts.  Which should be plenty for a start up business.  You can use the free version as long as you want.  You don’t need to pay anything.   I am sure you will like it.

Full Version
The cost of the Full version is a one-time payment (investment) of $250 AUD.
You can pay with PayPal or with credit card.  Once your payment is received, you will receive a code which you can enter into your free software and you will then be able to enter an unlimited number of contacts.  There are no on going costs.  If you wish to do a bank transfer let me know and I can give you the details.
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There are very simple instructions on how to download and install the sales software program.
Windows: It comes as a exe file and installs itself on a Windows PC.
Apple: It is a zip file for the Apple
There are more instructions on the download page.
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What the customers are saying.
“We love our new CRM and the speed of delivery (and any needed adjustments) was faster than expected.
Very happy and thank you!”
Leigh Crouch
Owner & Operator
Leighs Window Cleaning

“I am absolutely thrilled with my new CRM.  I had looked around at other CRM’s and all of them were just too complicated.  I wanted a simple system that would allow me to keep track of everyone I wanted to contact.  Gone are all my lists and notes and it’s all in one place with a compete diary entry of what I will do next.  It’s easy to use and it has simplified what seemed like a complicated mess for me.  Sandy totally understood what I wanted and within days he had a system for me to try out.  Also it was personalized to my needs.  He has been prompt at resolving some issues that have arisen and I am totally impressed at his professionalism.  I would thoroughly recommend his CRM system.”
Helen Micallef
Infinite Possibilities
Advice and Support when something in your life has to change


FAQs / Help
Can it be networked?
Yes and No. With this mass market version it cannot be networked, however if you purchase some FileMaker licences you can network it. You can buy licences from this website.
You can put it on a server or small office network.  Once you put it on an online server, you can access it from anywhere.  To put it on a server it will also require some customization from me which will cost an additional $100.  Please contact me if you have questions about this process.
With a bit of customization it can also be used on an iPhone or iPad.

Can I import my existing contacts into the program?
Yes, there is a simple import feature.  You will need to match up the names of your fields to the names of the fields in the program, but that is pretty simple.  See the help site.

Can it be customized?
Yes, If you have any special requirements I can modify the program. The cost for doing this is $150 per hour.

Do you have a Guarantee?
There is no need for a money back guarantee since you have as much time to use the free version as you wish.  Don’t pay anything until you are sure you want to keep it.

Are there updates?
Yes, you will have free access to all updates.  Updates can be downloaded and installed very easily.

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