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Filemaker Developer Melbourne

My name is Sandy Abbott.  I am an experienced FileMaker developer living in Melbourne, Australia.  I have been working with the FileMaker database program since it first came out in the mid 80s.  I specialize in fixing up old databases and creating new ones from scratch.  I am not the most expensive developer but I am easy to get along with and I get the job done quickly and efficiently.  Call for a free initial consultation.    0438 029 757
info@databasemelbourne. com

“We love our new CRM and the speed of delivery (and any needed adjustments) was faster than expected.  Very happy and thank you!”
Leigh Crouch  Owner

Filemaker Developer Melbourne

New FileMaker Database

If you need a new database we can build one for you from scratch.  With over 20 years of building FileMaker Database, we can definitely help you get started.

Filemaker Developer Melbourne

Fix up Database

We specialize in fixing up old FileMaker Databases that need a new life.  Sometimes it is easier to give birth then to raise the dead, but let’s talk about your situation and the best way forward.

Over the last 30 years FileMaker has become the most popular database for small businesses.  It is very powerful and if you have a bit of training and experience, it is very easy to use.

FileMaker has quickly evolved over the years and now with the latest version of FileMaker, the resources available are better than ever.

Since I became a full time FileMaker developer over 20 year ago, most of my clients have been small business owners who have a FileMaker database that needs some attention but the business owner does not have the time or manpower to learn all the ins and out of FileMaker; so they ask me to help them.  Over the years I have gained a lot of experience developing and fixing FileMaker databases.

FileMaker Developer Melbourne
I live in Melbourne so most of my clients are in Melbourne but I do have clients all over the world and I can work on their database online.  I am not the biggest development company in this area but I am reasonably priced and easy to get along with.  I charge $125 per hour for development and $50 per hour for travel time.

Free initial consultation  FileMaker Developer Melbourne

If you live in the Melbourne region, please contact me if you have an existing FileMaker database that needs fixing or if you need one made from scratch.   I am happy to come to your office and have a free initial consultation.  I can quickly figure out what you need and the best way to go about it.

“I am absolutely thrilled with my new CRM.  I had looked around at other CRM’s and all of them were just too complicated.  I wanted a simple system that would allow me to keep track of everyone I wanted to contact.  Gone are all my lists and notes and it’s all in one place with a compete diary entry of what I will do next.  It’s easy to use and it has simplified what seemed like a complicated mess for me.  Sandy totally understood what I wanted and within days he had a system for me to try out.  Also it was personalized to my needs.  He has been prompt at resolving some issues that have arisen and I am totally impressed at his professionalism.  I would thoroughly recommend his CRM system.”
Helen Micallef  Infinite Possibilities

“We had a basic FileMaker database we had been using for a number of years, but it was time to bring it up to date with our growth and work requirements. Sandy’s input was spot on. We discussed what our needs and ideas were for the system and all along Sandy instilled confidence and he showed he had the knowledge and experience to do the work with out fuss. Sandy’s approach was inclusive of all interested parties and he gave us the tools to further develop and maintain the system. Systems like this are often a work in motion and it’s been a blessing to find someone who is happy to work with us at our pace and develop the database of time. Everyone at Rhino is extremely happy with our new system and no doubt we will be developing further with Sandy’s help.
Yours faithfully  Vin Merrett  Director Rhino Signs Melbourne VIC

FileMaker GO for the iPad and iPhone

I have experience developing FileMaker databases for the iPad and iPhone.  The FileMaker program for the iPhone and iPad is called FileMaker GO.  This is a very powerful solution for all business, because it makes it so easy for everyone to stay in-touch with the data on the server, even if they are out of the office.  FileMaker can operate on an iPad or iPhone without a server too.  Best of all FileMaker GO can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Shop.

Filemaker Developer Melbourne

These are just a few of the areas we have experience in:
Invoice program
POS (Point of Sale) Software ~ Very affordable
Staff Incentives
Hospital Surveys
Medical Reports
School Program and Class Scheduling
Restaurant and Resort Management
Stock control
Survey Tabulation
Educational Reporting
Staff Hours
Production Control
Work Flow
Online Survey
Resource Bookings
Contact Management
Runtime Programs (License free distribution)
Office networking
Bar Codes
Update Inventory Stock
iPhone iPad Application
Graphs directly from FileMaker data in FileMaker

Filemaker Developer Melbourne

Get started today

Call for a free initial consultation.  If your office is in the Melbourne area I will be happy to come out and have a look around.  Lost profits are more expensive than any money you can ever save.  Get Organised today!
Sandy Abbott
0438 029 757   Melbourne
FileMaker Developer

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