Her are a few things new clients often ask.

How much do you charge?

I charge $150 per hour;  $50 per hour traveling time.  It is quite difficult to give quotes in this business so I can give a rough estimate. To be honest with you, usually I underestimate.  But if you have a set budget we can usually work things out.

How does your free initial consultation work?

If you live in the Melbourne area, I will come to your office and discuss what you need and see if I can be of service or not.  I can usually give you a rough estimate at this time or prepare a formal quote.  Normally initial consultations takes about an hour.  It is a good way for you get to know me and visa versa.  There is no obligation.  If you are very busy or live out of town, we can do this over the phone.  If you decide to go ahead with a project, the initial consultation will be billed for, otherwise there is no obligation.

Do you have experience with FileMaker GO on the iPhone and iPads

Yes, I have developed several solutions that incorporated the iPhone and iPads

Can you help us set up a FileMaker Server?

Yes, I have many clients who use a server.  Some have the server in house and some use a professional server that I recommend.  The advantage of a server is you can access your FileMaker data from anywhere in the world and numerous people can access it at the same time.